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About Me

I’m a word-slinger and all-around dippy gal who creates voices chock-full of goosepimply warm-and-fuzzies, soaked through with bust-a-gut-funny. If you and your kids have video games, there’s a good chance you’ve spent time with me in your house and you didn’t even know it.

(Yeah… it’s freaky, huh?)

I lend a hand to mega-talented producers, directors, production companies, game developers, animation studios, recording studios, toy makers, publishers, ad agencies, and other need-a-great-voice types worldwide by creating voices that attract die-hard fans so they can make major moolah doing what they love to do.

(Whoa… set the bar pretty high for myself in that run-on sentence.)

When I’m not doing that, I’m a tap dancing, old-time music singing, banjo picking girl who paints paintings, stargazes, throws tomahawks, grows food, and loves a day out treasure hunting.

(Yeah… I have a metal detector, and find barbed wire EVERYWHERE!)

I’m an Audible Approved Producer… and yes, I’m the voice of Dee Dee in Five Nights at Freddy’s… and here’s all the rest of it… yee haw!


Favorite Stuff

Stephanie Belinda Quinn - Painting
Stephanie Belinda Quinn - Favorite Poem

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