New audiobook up just in time for spring on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes: Rose Bush: Learn How to Grow a Rose Bush from a Bud, Bloom or Beyond, written by Beverly Hill.

Here’s the info:

By all accounts, the rose is without a doubt is one of the most beautiful and most popular flowers in the garden. Not only have roses been around for thousands of years, but they are also relatively easy to grow and they are grown in virtually all countries. In fact, even if you only have minimal gardening experience, you can still grow beautiful roses – providing you have at least some understanding with regards to caring for them.

No doubt you’ve heard a lot about how to take care of roses – the diseases to watch out for and the ways to prune them. While it may sound pretty complicated, you’ll find that planting your own rose bush is much easier than you think.

If you take the following guidelines that are presented in this book into consideration and use them, you’ll be sure to do a great job and have a beautiful rose bush that will look wonderful.

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New audiobook up on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes: Organization: The Ultimate DIY Guide for Household Hacks, Cleaning & Organizing Your Home Fast, written by Neo Monefa.

Here’s the info:

With this book, you will discover the amazing benefits of decluttering, and organizing your home and schedule so that you can live a healthy, happy, stress-free, and more productive life.

On top of all of this, this guide will teach you exactly how to do this in just seven days. Which means in seven days from now, your home can become your sanctuary, your office your field of dreams, and your family a breeze!

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Cute new romance audiobook up on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes: An Angel for Mistletoe: O Little Town of Christmas, written by Teresa Ives Lilly.

Here’s the info:

When Angelica Cartwright heads to Kentucky to begin her teaching career, she never dreams she will be waylaid in Mistletoe, Kentucky, with a broken foot and cared for by a handsome wood-carver and his daughter. However, she soon finds that Luke Tanner is also carving himself onto her heart.

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New audiobook up on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes: Kindle Publishing: The Ultimate Guide on How to Create a Massive Passive Income with KDP, written by Neo Monefa.

Here’s the info:

In this book, you’ll learn A to Z what it takes to not only make money publishing on Kindle, but essentially becoming your own small publishing company. This book is a beginner’s crash course to getting you up and running. You’ll learn everything from book ideas, what sells, cover design, and everything between.

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Awesome Christmas romance audiobook up on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes: Christmas Village Miracle, written by Teresa Ives Lilly.

Here’s the info:

When Jane Smith stops to admire a lovely Christmas village in the antique store, she never realizes that her dreams of someday living in a place like the New England village can come true with just a small prayer. Ron, a lonely banker, finds himself in the antique store as well, praying a similar prayer. Now can the two of them find one another?

Christian romance listeners can enjoy this story for Christmas and share with the whole family.

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Awesome new romance audiobook up on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes: Cooking Up Christmas: Christmas Mail Order Angels, written by Teresa Ives Lilly.

Here’s the info:

When Henrietta agrees to become a mail order angel for Benjamin Capel, she moves to Angel Vale Wyoming eager to begin working in the town’s eatery.

Although happy with her job and attracted to her husband-to-be, she discovers that Benjamin has several secrets.

What does he do for a living, why does talking about money upset him so much, and who actually owns the Angel Vale Eatery?

Will these questions be answered so she can freely say “I do” or does God have a different plan for her life in Angel Vale?

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New romance audiobook up on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes: Love Found in the Snow, written by Teresa Ives Lilly.

Here’s the info:

When Shera Logan stepped off the train to stretch her legs, she never expected to twist her ankle and be abandoned at a coal stop, 60 miles from the next town.

After walking for hours, she realizes she can go no further, so she lays down in the snow, makes a snow angel, and her most special prayer asking God to either send someone to help her or to take her home.

Mathew Tucker, intent on returning to his ranch after a visit to town, never expected to find a woman collapsed in the snow almost frozen to death.

Will Shera’s prayers be answered by this cowboy who tries to save her, or will she become a real angel? This is a wonderful Christmas novella with a special romance.

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New romance audiobook up on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes: Love Found at Harbor Inn, Maine, written by Teresa Ives Lilly.

Here’s the info:

When Penny Trent, owner of Cake Time in Harbor Inn Maine, meets Kyle London, a famous writer who has come to close down his grandmother’s coffee shop, Just a Cup, there is an immediate attraction between them.

Penny, busy cooking for the mayor’s Christmas party, the town’s annual bake off, and trying to persuade Kyle to keep Just a Cup open, doesn’t have time for holiday traditions or to embark on a new relationship, even if it is with the man of her dreams.

Will Kyle be able to convince Penny to enjoy the holidays and believe in his desire to get to know her better? Will Kyle and Penny be able to save the coffee shop by combining forces and find a lasting relationship by Christmas?

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New romance audiobook up on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes: Christmas Rayne, written by Joi Copeland.

Here’s the info:

Rayne Adams loves Christmas time. While shopping for a Christmas tree she runs into an old flame, but with a possible new romance forming on the horizon, will the pain of the past continue to haunt her or will she be able to let it go and move on? Is there room in her heart for her former love?

Justin Thomas made the biggest mistake of his life three years ago by leaving Rayne. Now finding himself face to face with the one he hurt the most, can he regain her trust and her love, or will he lose her to another?

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New audiobook on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes: Montana Adventure Guide, written by Genevieve Rowles, published by Hunter Travel Guides.

Here’s the info:

This audiobook looks at the history, culture, geography, climate, and wilderness trips in Montana, USA.

Things covered include the Flathead and Clearwater Mountains, fly-fishing, Nordic skiing, rock-hounding, overnight hiking excursions, and more.

Explore big cities and small towns, small wilderness areas and sprawling preserves, guest ranches and much more.

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New audiobook up on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes: The Ultimate Pinterest Guide for Beginners, written by Neo Monefa.

Here’s the info:

Do you dream of an unlimited supply of customers? Did you know free marketing on Pinterest offers great results?

This book shows that given the right strategy, Pinterest may actually offer a business more referral traffic than Twitter, and perhaps generate more leads than LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube combined.

It may even have the power to convert more fans into paying customers who will easily share your content with their friends.

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I have a new mail order bride audiobook up on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes: Faith: Westward Brides Book 1, written by Millie St. Cyr.

Here’s the info:

Faith Walker is a dreamer. She believes in marrying for true love and longs for adventure. But that wasn’t in the cards for this young woman in the East.

When her family decides she’s getting too old, they give her an ultimatum. Marry who we choose or never come back home.

Faith decides to answer an advertisement for a mail order bride and start her own adventure out West.

Roy Heatley is the man who placed the advertisement. He’s everything Faith could have asked for: hardworking, dependable, and kind. But there’s something keeping him from falling in love with his true bride. What is it?

Will Roy’s secret tear their new family apart? Or will Faith be able to uncover it and warm his heart?

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New audiobook on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide for App Programming and Development, written by Neo Monefa.

Here’s the info:

Have an idea you want to make into an app? Not sure how to create an app? Looking for a simple way to get your app into the hands of customers?

This book can help you get started making your app dream come true. You’ll discover what you need to know to create an app, starting from the beginning of the process to uploading your finished app and making sales!

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I have a new audiobook available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes: The Ultimate 101 Twitter Guide for Marketing, Branding, and Business, written by Neo Monefa.

Here’s the info:

Tweeting is one of the best ways to reach your target audience, and you can reach them fast… if you know how to use Twitter properly.

This guide provides proven steps and strategies for leveraging your business on Twitter. You’ll learn to market your business and find clients at low or no cost.

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I have an inspirational new audiobook up on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes: Write for Him: The Story of GGFG, written by Hilary Beth Koenig.

Here’s the info:

Write for Him is the story of how God brought together an online community of girls, bound together by a hobby of writing.

The 25 young ladies featured in this audiobook represent 10 different countries and many different backgrounds. They put their trust in God to overcome addictions, put away distorted views of God, learn how to cope with losing a parent, deal with bullies, face their fears about the future, and trade the messages of this world for the truth.

When they wrote these devotionals, fictional stories, testimonies, poems, and quizzes, they ranged in age from 11 to 24. Each writer desires to glorify God and encourage others by sharing a part of her life.

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I have a new audiobook up on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes: Dog Training: The Ultimate Guide for Canine Communication, written by Neo Monefa.

Here’s the info:

Your canine friend deserves the best, and you can have the best possible relationship with your dog through proper training.

The key to any great and fulfilling relationship is respect and communication, and by understanding your dog’s behavior you’ll better understand what your dog expects from you.

This book, written by Neo Monefa, is designed as a collection of dog training tips and a brief introduction to dog training for beginners.

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