A new audiobook for kids I narrated is now live on Audible, Amazon, Apple Books, and iTunes: The Mess Trolls: They’ll Take Away What you Don’t Clean Up and Claim it for Themselves, written by Tam Pranama.

Here’s the info:

Children everywhere are waking up and discovering that their toys have gone missing overnight. The toys that go missing aren’t just any toys: they are the ones that children have forgotten to put away properly!

Who could be responsible for stealing these messes away? The Mess Trolls, of course!

The Mess Trolls live in the walls, closets, and attics of houses, and will wait until night to take any and all toys that have been left out on the floor. There are Mess Trolls that steal stuffed animals, Mess Trolls that steal race cars, and even Mess Trolls that steal toy costumes!

How on earth will the children ever get their toys back? That’s up to the Mess Trolls to decide. Join the wild tale and read about how three different families get their messy toys taken, and must do everything they can to retrieve them from the mysterious creatures that are known as the Mess Trolls.

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