A new audiobook I narrated is live on Audible, Amazon, Apple Books, and iTunes: The Little Unicorn Adventures: Meaningful Bedtime Stories for Children, published by Books and Candles Publishing.

Here’s the info:

Storytelling for children creates an emotional connection between the child and the parents, and in addition to helping them sleep, it will strengthen the creative aspects in them from an early age.

The Little Unicorn Adventures is based on independent chapters, and each chapter is written for a specific purpose and teaches children an important moral lesson in life. Your child can understand how to make a good friendship, and why this is essential for life. Also, they can understand what teamwork is and the importance of it.

Most importantly, they can truly understand that how much being trustworthy and honesty matters. They learn all these essential life facts within quite simple stories.

We also cooperate with the best children storytellers to read the book for them with a smooth and understandable tone to help the kids sleep better. You and your kids will enjoy it!

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