I have an awesome new mystery audiobook up on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes: MURDER OF A MOVIE PRODUCER: HOPE HADLEY COZY MYSTERY SERIES, BOOK 8, written by Meredith Potts.

Here’s the info:

Hollywood has always been a cutthroat industry, but for Sophie Paulson, the backstabbing turns personal when her movie producer boyfriend, Paul Franklin, dumps her for another woman, then fires her out of the blue. Former actress turned amateur sleuth Hope Hadley arrives in town just as Paul is found murdered and the police suspect Sophie of the crime. Hope desperately races to discover the truth before her friend Sophie is put in jail for the rest of her life.

(I’m also recording Book 9 in the Hope Hadley Cozy Mystery series, KILLER HOLIDAY OFFICE PARTY… release date and more info on it soon!)

Update: First Reviews In!

“Murder of a Movie Producer: Hope Hadley Cozy Mystery Series, Book 8 by Meredith Potts, narrated by Stephanie Quinn is my new favorite in series. I’m not going to say anything to give away the ending, but I will say I was surprised! This one will keep you guessing! I love that this audiobook is just under 2 hours because 1. I don’t like to be kept waiting for the big reveal and 2. I’m able to squeeze in some well-deserved “me time” more easily…we all deserve time to relax and unwind. 🙂

I’m not usually into narrator changes in the middle of a series, but I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the softer, more feminine voice of Stephanie Quinn in this episode. More personal preference than anything else, I like that Book 8 portrays Hope in a different light. She doesn’t sound so “rough around the edges” anymore. Quinn does an excellent job, and I hope she sticks around!

As my new favorite in the Hope Hadley Cozy Mystery Series, I rate Book 8, Murder of a Movie Producer by Meredith Potts, narrated by Stephanie Quinn 5/5 stars! Hope ran this case pretty much on her own, and I like how it not only kept me guessing through to the end, but also surprised me (I really didn’t expect it to end that way – loved it!). I recommend this audiobook to cozy mystery fans and/or those looking for a short, complete mystery to enjoy as relief from your busy schedule! Happy listening!”

“Stephanie Quinn does a great narration of the interesting characters.”

“Stephanie Quinn’s narration is perfect for Hope, she has the perfect voices and pace to make this an entertaining listen!”

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