Meredith Potts has released another 3-book set of her Majestic Cove cozy mysteries on Audible, Amazon, iTunes, and Apple Books. I narrated all three books in this set, Meredith Potts Majestic Cove 3-Book Cozy Mystery Set.

Here’s the info:

This set features three books from the Majestic Cove series including:

  • Dessert, Destiny, and Death
  • Treats, Threats, and Tawdry Truths
  • Private Eye and a Craving for Pie

When Melody Clue’s life is threatened, her entire world is turned upside down. For the private investigator, this is a nightmare scenario. Especially since the threat came from an anonymous source. Suddenly, Melody finds herself looking over her shoulder, wondering if trouble is just around the next corner. Rather than taking this terrible situation sitting down, she decides to use her investigative skills to try to uncover where the threat came from. Will she be successful? Or is she done for?

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