Amelia Morgan released a new 3-book set of the most recent audiobooks in her Enchanted Bay Series. I narrated all three of the audiobooks in this new set: Amelia Morgan Witch Cozy Mystery 3-Book Set, available now on Audible, Amazon, iTunes, and Apple Books.

Here’s the info:

This set features three witch cozy mysteries by Amelia Morgan including:

Hectic Halloween Hijinks
Murder, Magic, and Mousse
An Enchanted Bay Wedding

Halloween is a wild day in Enchanted Bay. There’s no telling what might happen. As much as Meg Walton just wants to have fun, it quickly becomes apparent that craziness is afoot. The question becomes, will the witch have to step in and use her magical powers to keep things from spiraling out of control? Or is Meg in over her head?

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