I have a new cozy mystery audiobook now available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes: The Deadly Judicial Affair, written by K.M. Morgan.

Here’s the info:

With a murder trial taking place in Cozy Creek, Daisy McDare is having trouble focusing on her interior decorating work. The last thing she wants is for the defendant, Corey Kincaid, to get acquitted. In Daisy’s mind, Corey is guilty. In fact, Daisy’s amateur sleuthing played a huge role in Corey’s arrest. As Daisy nervously waits for the jury to reach a verdict, another big mystery begins to unfold in town. And this new mystery comes with a twist that Daisy isn’t prepared for. Things are really heating up in Cozy Creek. But will it soon get too hot under Daisy’s collar?

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