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I also honor the confidentiality of your ideas and information. If you’re uneasy about sharing your ideas or information with me, just contact me via email and I’ll send you a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement BEFORE you give me any of your important ideas or information.


I only accept payments for my services via PayPal, check, or money order, and never collect or store any type of private payment information, including credit card or bank account numbers. When you make a payment to me through PayPal, I never have access to your private payment information. (Visit the PayPal.com website to view their policies on how they collect and store payment and other types of information.)


I’m happy to make as many revisions as it takes until you sign off that you’re 100% completely satisfied with your project.


Although I make every effort to ensure my part in your project complies with all laws and regulations, I’m not a lawyer or legal expert. Therefore, it’s entirely your responsibility to have my work submitted for legal review.


Yes… there are some affiliate links in my website that point to projects my voice or my words are a part of, but I double-pinky-swear-promise that it doesn’t cost you anything extra to purchase through these links. I participate in Amazon Associates, iTunes Affiliate, and Audible.com Bounty… affiliate advertising programs that provide a means for me to earn commissions by linking to products on these websites.


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