I have a new cozy mystery box set now available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes: “Majestic Cove Mysteries Books 1-3 Box Set,” by Meredith Potts.

Here’s the info:

This set features three stories from the Majestic Cove cozy mystery series including:

Chocolate, Clues, and Catastrophe 

As a private investigator, Melody Clue has seen a lot of crazy things on the job. Her latest case is filled with more twists and turns than she is used to.

Melody was hired to investigate suspected infidelity. However, the deeper she gets into the case, the more she realizes that her hometown of Majestic Cove is hiding all sorts of different secrets.

Pretzels, Problems, and Peril 

Just when it seems like things are going to get back to normal in Melody Clue’s hometown of Majestic Cove, a murder occurs. To make matters worse for the private investigator, Melody actually knew the victim. In fact, she had just finished a case uncovering an affair that the victim was having.

Did Connor’s murder have something to do with his infidelity? Or was his death related to something else entirely?

Melody is curious to find out.

Is Melody prepared to discover the truth? Or will it shock her?

Cake, Coincidences, and Casualties 

As a private investigator, Melody Clue has worked on some unique cases in her life. Her latest case is more unique than ever, though. She is hired to tail a fellow investigator. What shocking details will she uncover?

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