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Public service announcement voice over for the Red Cross!

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I’m the Ariadne’s Thread Priestess!

You visit Greece on holiday, but a strange solar eclipse throws you into an unexpected adventure.

While searching for an ancient artifact, a team of archaeologists accidentally release a powerful Titan bent on revenge against the gods that imprisoned him. If he reaches Olympus and destroys the gods, the Earth is doomed into chaos.

Your vacation must wait—you must save the world! Explore modern and ancient Greece in this exciting game.

Visit Blam! Games to learn more.

Get it from Big Fish Games!

Image: Blam! Games

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I have an adorable new audiobook up on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes: Kimmie Koala and Friends, written by Norma MacDonald, published by Find Your Way Publishing.

Here’s the info:

The school year was coming to an end, and all the students in Mr. Ostrich’s class were excited for summer vacation to start.

Shawna Sheep had plans to go to the pool every day. Kimmie Koala had plans to go away to summer camp. Zach Zebra had plans to play with his friends whenever he could.

Then Mr. Ostrich announced there would be a big end-of-the-year test. Who would do what it takes to pass?

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