Audible selected the audiobook I narrated, “Hexes and Other Hairy Situations,” for a special promotion. Check it out on Audible!

“I enjoyed the book with Stephanie Quinn doing the narration. She does a great job. She pulls you in and peaks your interest till the end of the book.”

“Stephanie Quinn did a great job with the narration.”

“It was narrated by Stephanie Quinn and she did a great job.”

“Stephanie Quinn is the very perky narrator.”

“Short, but really funny and entertaining, this is a delightful story. And Stephanie Quinn does a very good job with the narration.”

“This is a hour of fun, narrated by Stephanie Quinn! She gives a great performance, adding all the feelings and emphasis of surprise throughout the story.”

“I was impressed and enjoyed the vocal variety & inflections of narrator Stephanie Quinn as I have in all books narrated by her.”

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