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About Me

I’m a word-slinger and all-around dippy gal who creates voices chock-full of goosepimply warm-and-fuzzies, soaked through with bust-a-gut-funny. If you and your kids have video games, there’s a good chance you’ve spent time with me in your house and you didn’t even know it.

(Yeah… it’s freaky, huh?)

I lend a hand to mega-talented producers, directors, production companies, game developers, animation studios, recording studios, toy makers, publishers, ad agencies, and other need-a-great-voice types worldwide by creating voices that attract die-hard fans so they can make major moolah doing what they love to do.

(Whoa… set the bar pretty high for myself in that run-on sentence.)

And when I’m not doing that, I’m tap dancing, singing, songwriting, playing a plethora of musical instruments, writing, making art, hanging with my cat, or treasure hunting.

(Yeah… I have a metal detector, and find barbed wire EVERYWHERE!)

I love animals, outer space, and the people in my life. I’m an Audible Approved Producer… (This award is a HUGE honor I’m so proud of)… and here’s all the rest of it… yee haw!


Favorite Stuff

Stephanie Belinda Quinn - Painting
Stephanie Belinda Quinn - Favorite Poem

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