I have a new audiobook of a fairy tale that really is a fairy tale up on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes: Danwe of the Vase, written by the talented Dale Stubbart.

Here’s the info:

Danwe lived in a vase. It was not a regularly shaped vase. Danwe’s vase had a tall cylindrical section. That is to say it was taller than it was wide. This section of the vase was similar in shape to a can of spam, but much nicer looking.

When I say Danwe lived in a vase, I mean he lived in a vase. That is to say, he never left. He had lived here all his life, all by himself.

When Danwe needed something from the outside, he would have it delivered. This was almost the only contact that Danwe had with the other little people who lived in this house.

So what happens when Danwe finally leaves his vase and starts exploring? What will his world be like?

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  • Jun 23,2018 at 4:48 pm

    Thanks for mentioning my book. It was great working with you on it. I had no idea it could be made to sound like an animated Children’s TV show. I’m glad you had the idea to record it that way. Thanks again

    • STEPH
      Jun 23,2018 at 6:18 pm

      Thank you, Dale! I LOVED narrating Danwe of the Vase. It’s such a cool story!

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