I voiced a new audiobook for Paramount Publishing Company that’s now available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes: Hollywood Beautiful: The Ultimate Hollywood Celebrity Beauty Secrets and Tips Guide.

Here’s the info:

How do the stars get so thin? How many times have you been convinced that you are more beautiful or in better shape than a Hollywood personality? How many times have you thought their hair or their skin looks much worse than yours? For some of us Hollywood is just an almost surreal far-away land that we can only catch a glimpse of through movies or advertisements. You can break the barrier and make these feelings thoughts of the past by taking action and purchasing this book today!

What you’ll learn from The Ultimate Hollywood Celebrity Beauty Secrets and Tips Guide:

The Latest Trends in Celebrity Diet Plans
Celebrity Cosmetic Products
Concrete Methods of Improving Skin, Hair, and Weight
And Much More!

Buy this book, because after listening to this title, you will know what effective natural beauty tips Hollywood celebrities use and you will be able to take direct action in order to improve your looks. And much, much more!

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