Need an easy way to ensure a smooth voice over script that flows?

Read it aloud before sending it out for recording! It makes the difference between awkward and polished.

When you read your script aloud, you’ll notice things you may not notice when writing it, or reading it in your head. Look for:

  • Too many repeated words. (I once booked a three-sentence project. The person who wrote the script didn’t even notice the word “actually” was in every sentence. We took two out, and the script went from awkward to polished.)
  • Whether contractions would make your script sound more conversational and less formal. (“Don’t” vs. “do not”… “I’m” vs. “I am”.)
  • If some of the sentences are too long to get your point across. (If you have a sentence that is 50 words long, people will lose the point.)
  • Whether your script accomplishes its purpose. (To sell, to inform, to entertain, etc.)

Take a minute to read your script aloud before sending it out for recording. I promise… you’ll be so happy you did!

More script tips later!